Happy Birthday Baby

I’m feeling very proud of myself for pulling of a surprise birthday party for Jill. We had it last Saturday night, the night before her birthday April 6.

Almost everyone I invited showed up except for one, which is a good result imo. And it was super easy to do as well. I made a reservation at Borgo Cafe, which is owned and managed by Jill’s HS classmate Ryan. He was great of course and gave me a discount, but primarily I wanted it set up there because it’s an up and coming landmark restaurant and serves great food. He was also just an FB message away and is super convenient. I didn’t even check what the menu was and just said yes when he offered me an 8-10 pax package.

The rest of her friends were also an FB message away, and after I sent the complete time and date they were all excited and said yes. It was all just a matter of keeping it from her for the few days before that. Even the hours leading up to it was exciting as I kept looking at the clock wondering how to waste time until dinner. I even pretended we needed to go to the grocery to no avail since she had already gone that morning. We drove around aimlessly pretending to look for a restaurant before we finally got there as I had around 30 minutes I needed to waste.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and said I did a good job, but the key really, is that I kept it all really simple. Jill is an uncomplicated person and at her best when she’s hanging out with her friends. As far as I’m concerned all I had to do was set up a gabfest with all of them plus good food and everything would take care of itself.

The result is I am just as happy as if it was my birthday myself. I enjoyed setting it up, I enjoyed the wait seeing it through and enjoyed the event itself. I’m fairly sure the guests whom were all her good friends enjoyed it as well, being uncomplicated types themselves.

salingerFinally my birthday gift to her was one of the most important books of my youth, which I consider rather blasphemous that she hadn’t read. I had been meaning to give her this and finally had the chance.

I know it seems cheap of me to give her ‘just a book’ but it’s quite important to me, and besides if you pull off a surprise birthday party you get a free pass to give an inexpensive gift. :D


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