Sick Ayuc, Groceries, A Kid’s Fight Against Cancer, and other things.

I had been itching to blog these past days but unfortunately, Ayuc has acted up. It freezes right in the middle of things, which indicate either 2 things broken: the motherboard or RAM. Since it manages to boot up to a certain point, I’m blaming RAM. I have a source where I can buy 1gb. RAM for it, which I was planning to buy anyway, and I’ll bring her (I think it’s a ‘her’), to the guy soon when I get the moolah and some free time (it’s in Pasay). If it turns out the thing is completely busted (notice how it had been demoted as a mere ‘thing’), I just threw away xxxxx buckos, so I’m keeping my toes crossed.

Drupal’s Mollom, the service which checks for spam, is acting up. I’ve had one report of people having difficulty making comments while Jen at MomEx had some problems trying to post a new blog entry. I know this is a really minor thing to be talking about whilst there are more pressing issues, one supposes, at hand, but it’s just the first thing that got in my head as I wrote this new paragraph. I think it’s because I switched my eyes for a sec and saw Jen online on Google Chat, which may have helped me come to that thought.

When I write on this blog, I write mostly the first thing that comes to my head. I like doing that, it’s therapeutic to say the least.

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