Jill, a native Cebuana, has introduced me to something new called Pinakurat.

Above left is the original one we found at Market Market’s open area, while the Datu Puti version we found at Rustan’s Supermarket. Pinakurat has a website! Unfortunately I can’t tell which is better since I mixed both into that container at the right, but they both purportedly share the same ingredients.

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Dealing With Diabetes – The Food I Eat

Here's a typical meal of chicken with lots of vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, green pepper, parsley and shallots

Before I get to the pic above, I need to talk about my diabetes.

So I have diabetes.

To be honest I had already been suffering the symptoms for awhile. The problem is diabetes symptoms aren’t terribly life altering and what I had been suffering from, (ie. worsening eyesight, fatigue etc.), I attributed to other things. But sometime early August my situation was worse than ever. I suffered from unquenchable thirst (and as a result, frequently had to pee), my pee would be covered with ants, and worst of all had severe cramps every night, sometimes waking up 2 to 3 times in extreme pain.

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I Wrote At PDI Again

Her Highness (my editor) contacted me to write an article last week. Much praise and fawning was applied, to which I am susceptible, and so I succumbed. Here it is. Before you click it, it’s about parent’s options on controlling what their kids see on the ‘net. I mentioned installable software, built in parental controls on Windows Vista and Leopard, router URL blocking controls and my recommended solution: OpenDNS.

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