I Wrote At PDI Again

Her Highness (my editor) contacted me to write an article last week. Much praise and fawning was applied, to which I am susceptible, and so I succumbed. Here it is. Before you click it, it’s about parent’s options on controlling what their kids see on the ‘net. I mentioned installable software, built in parental controls on Windows Vista and Leopard, router URL blocking controls and my recommended solution: OpenDNS.

Sadly this was mauled (edited) much like in previous times, but only a little bit. The latter parts, which were important, were untouched, so I’m happy. Said Her Highness has indicated an open door to any ideas I might have to continually write on her publications, to which I am considering. Naturally, hefty praise and recognition of my extraordinary abilities, deservedly or not, will only serve to further her purpose.

After a few days I will reprint it in its glorious entirety at Mom Exchange.

Meanwhile, here’s a random picture of some Yakiniku (?) Beef I ate at Yoshinoya Robinson’s Galleria earlier:

It costs P105.00 and is very good.

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