Thank You So Much Mr. Ebert

As far as I can remember, the environment I grew in was packed with lies. My elders believed that my uncle, who was not perfect but was a good man nonetheless, was not suitable to go to heaven because he was gay. Another said he loved his partner but his actions said otherwise. People all around me would deal with matters on the surface, but not touch the core. It was a confusing and frustrating time to try to find a foundation of things to believe in.

The only place I found refuge was sports and art, particularly the commercial ones, meaning books and movies. You cannot argue with sports and there is no refuting the honesty you find in art. Sure there was a lot of garbage out there, but if you search long and hard enough you will find true, honest art. Akin to finding a flower in the desolation of a desert, it is pure and usually the most beautiful of all.

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Wrote For Super

Wrote an article titled ‘Assessing this year’s NBA’ for Inquirer’s Super. Inquirer was celebrating it’s 25th anniversary and Pam texted me out of the blue to ask me to write any article as if it was still 1985. So I wrote as if Boston had just won a championship and was on its way to defend it against Houston (Houston won), along with assessments of other people in that rookie class which was pretty loaded, such as Charles Barkley, Hakeem Olaujuwon, John Stockton and some guy named Michael Jord, something.

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I Wrote At PDI Again

Her Highness (my editor) contacted me to write an article last week. Much praise and fawning was applied, to which I am susceptible, and so I succumbed. Here it is. Before you click it, it’s about parent’s options on controlling what their kids see on the ‘net. I mentioned installable software, built in parental controls on Windows Vista and Leopard, router URL blocking controls and my recommended solution: OpenDNS.

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