Absolute Classic Rock, Rocks

First, a playlist:

To explain: this is one of those blogposts that tell of an impressive internet find, so brace yourselves. A week or so after installing Ubuntu, I decided to try it’s built – in music player called, shockingly, ‘Music Player’. Ok to be technical, it’s ‘Rhythmbox Music Player‘.

So anyway when I was still living in the dark and using Windows, I quite enjoyed listening to Internet Radio via Windows Media Player. Now that I’ve reformed, I decided to give the built – in radio stations on Rhythmbox a try, and lo and behold I was instantly gratified to be introduced to Absolute Classic Rock, a radio station already on its playlist that plays, you guessed it, classic rock and roll in the UK. London, specifically.

Now I normally try to avoid being critical of local offerings, and avoid the all too commonplace practice of comparison altogether. But let me just say that local radio stations, for the most part, SUCK THE BIG ONE.

Oh yes there are a few notable standouts, such as NU 107, RJ FM and maybe another. Unfortunately being the commuter that I am, I have to deal with it nearly everyday when I ride those FX jeeps. The ride itself is alright, and I’m quite pleased by the convenience these vehicles provide. Except, sadly, for their choice of musical accompaniment, which seems to be limited to 3 or 4 stations whose programming is nothing short of deeply sad, to tragic even.

These radio stations, see, have DJs who seem to be perpetually laughing. Not occasionally, mind you. But happy ALL THE TIME. That means, everytime you hear them talk on the radio, they are laughing, or speaking in a tone which connotes that they are saying them while finding them absolutely hysterical.

Common announcements, opinions about the weather, discussions amongst themselves, even things they might want to comment about one another (if there are two of them), are said in a hysterical manner. Laughing at what, you may ask? Well therein lies the mystery. They laugh and they speak in a laughing tone without, for the life of me, REASON. So imagine one’s consternation at this fact, when taking an hour long commute such as I do. You cannot help but try and determine just what it is these $*&(@! find, exactly, so hilarious as to be induced into a permanent state of hilarity for hours on end.

One would assume that, disk jockeys being employed to speak to countless people live on air, they are sane, sober individuals who conduct themselves in a professional manner at the very least. Rather, upon hearing their senseless drivel, you will conclude that they’ve given up hope on themselves and any ability to make casual, remotely intelligent conversation with their audience. Their constant laughing achieves the mental picture of sad, tragic people trying to make comedy when there is no situation worthy of such. I am bewildered, really, why this practice continues. If it achieves ratings of any sort and people actually enjoy this, then I guess we’re far into deeper shit than I thought.

But anyway, to return to the topic of Absolute Rock, I have compiled a list of songs I had recently heard played on it, which explains the Imeem playlist above.

Additionally, we are hours ahead of their time, so when I listen in in the mornings here, it’s early morning or dead – time there, and the station is playing non – stop commercial – free classic rock for hours on end. The idea this is happening halfway across the globe, and that I’m getting it absolutely free due to the wonders of the magical intarnetubezsphere, warms the cockles of my heart.

In relation to above, particularly Heart’s ‘Barracuda’, below is a video of a girl I saw on American Idol last week who perfectly sang it. Her impact is akin to a Mack truck, but in a good way (if that ever is possible). Barring any untowardness, she’s my bet to at least make it to top ten.

Ok enough Imeeming and Internet Radioing. Who says using Ubuntu, which cannot play Windows based games, will make you more productive because of? This just proves that my innate ability to avoid work, zone out, and trip on music rather than focus on more important things (like stuff that actually pays me), prevails over all.

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