Absolute Classic Rock, Rocks

First, a playlist:

To explain: this is one of those blogposts that tell of an impressive internet find, so brace yourselves. A week or so after installing Ubuntu, I decided to try it’s built – in music player called, shockingly, ‘Music Player’. Ok to be technical, it’s ‘Rhythmbox Music Player‘.

So anyway when I was still living in the dark and using Windows, I quite enjoyed listening to Internet Radio via Windows Media Player. Now that I’ve reformed, I decided to give the built – in radio stations on Rhythmbox a try, and lo and behold I was instantly gratified to be introduced to Absolute Classic Rock, a radio station already on its playlist that plays, you guessed it, classic rock and roll in the UK. London, specifically.

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Installing xubuntu via Alternate ISO Crashes MSI Wind

Ok here’s what happened. I downloaded the xubuntu Alternate ISO which I installed via torrent. This is after I decided to use xubuntu, a kind of lite version of Ubuntu for either weak (old) PCs or people who want it to run extra fast on new PCs, such as moi.

There are two types of iso files to choose from, an ‘Alternate’ and a ‘Desktop’. Alternate is the ‘lite’ installation method, while the ‘Desktop’ is the bells and whistles version, but only on a graphical scale as they both do the same thing. For example, while the Partition editor on Alternate looks like this:

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