No sooner had I decided to ditch Ubuntu and move back to Windows when I heard a loud snap from my PC. It was the Windows installation CD, shattered into tiny bits and pieces in the DVD writer.


I’m ambiguous about the whole thing of course, and am more concerned about the fact that my perfectly good and hardly ever used Lite On DVD Writer is now ruined. But still, it made me think. I’ve been struggling with the idea of moving back to Windows after my 3~4 month Ubuntu experience, but I’ve finally sat myself down to write the reasons for either direction, and sadly, Windows won out. Could above disaster prove ominous?

I actually made a longish bullet point style article about why and why not, but it’s stored on my storage PC at the moment, a transitional server from which I shall retrieve files from after my migration back to Windows, which of course has been delayed.

I hope to get cracking immediately tomorrow morning and get productive immediately. I have so much to do and am almost done with the new site.

I’m almost sad that I have to migrate back, but as I said, the list I made has proven that it is the wiser choice given my situation. Primarily I mentioned my missing Photoshop and a few other editing tools I consider essential. I should try not to hold sentiment on the decision on such things, but as it is, yes, I wish I didn’t have to. If it were merely a matter of living with a few quirks then I’d still be using Ubuntu, but in the light of the kind of work I do and the expectations I have from the tools I work with, I really do have to.

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