Zack and Miri Don’t Really Get It Done

Ok at the end of my review, I’m supposed to basically say how the saving grace of this movie is the soundtrack. But I’m saying it out now because I want to post a vid of my fave song from it (the pixies’ ‘hey’) just before I put on the ‘keep reading’ tag. So here it is and an awesome live version at that:

and now the ‘keep reading’..

.. followed by my review, which goes like this:

It sucks.

Well, some of it anyway. Elizabeth Banks is her usual gorgeous self, but Seth Rogen is given waaaaay too much lines. He’s talking up a mile a minute it seems at every scene. In fact, he’s probably talking 90% of this movie, and it gets ingratiating after a while.

There’s a funny cameo by a very gay Justin Long, and the black guy has his moments, but most of the fun attempts fall flat. It actually became a strain for me to watch it after a 3rd of the way, and I stopped midstream and went to work. Now that NEVER happens to me, so this is a big deal.

Anyway, this post really is an excuse to talk about the excellent soundtrack and post videos about them, so here’s a second one from Jesus and Mary Chain.

Oh and as if the fact that I never stop movies midstream (no matter how bad it is) isn’t a big deal enough, another sign this movie didn’t rock my boat is the fact it has both Katie Morgan and Traci Lords in it, and I still didn’t like it.

Great songs though. Really beautiful stuff. Downloading them as I speak.

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