Jill, a native Cebuana, has introduced me to something new called Pinakurat.

Above left is the original one we found at Market Market’s open area, while the Datu Puti version we found at Rustan’s Supermarket. Pinakurat has a website! Unfortunately I can’t tell which is better since I mixed both into that container at the right, but they both purportedly share the same ingredients.

And those ingredients are:

Chopped onion, garlic, siling labuyo and vinegar. The fact they’re chopped, I think, is the big factor here, giving you a super assault – on – the – senses experience. Hot, spicy and all around goodness. And when best to apply?




Century tuna bangus comes in sealed packs of 4 small to medium pieces either spiced or unspiced. Small to medium is what you want for a per plate situation as mid to large is just too much for a single serving. If this can’t get you up in the morning you’re probably dead.

I’m big on spices as I cannot indulge in sugar and salt. I even have my own siling labuyo plant.

Which provides me an adequate supply. I grew it from when it was a baby.

And I got a ton of these

McCormick bottles ranging from chopped garlic, a great time saver for when you want to make garlic rice, black pepper and my fave Cayenne Pepper which is just all around good for you.

1 thought on “Pinakurat

  1. spicyyyyyy!!!! my dad would love this, I think he has bottles of assorted vinegar nga sa pantry nila, just did not notice what variety.
    will try this nga :)

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