Chicken Curry In A Rice Cooker

We’ve decided to forego buying a range because we just don’t have any more space in our condo makeshift ‘kitchen’. But what happens if I get the rare urge to cook? Why, use the rice cooker of course. And today it’s Chicken Curry.

To be honest this is a kind of mishmash pot whose ingredients are partly determined by what I’m trying to get rid of from the ref. My way of explaining why there’s ampalaya in there.

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Baked Chicken ala Gary

In response to Chel’s request that I write more about my diet, I’m finally gonna publish a long delayed favorite dish of mine, baked chicken. Chicken per se is healthy provided you go for white meat, and baking, like grilling, is also healthy because the fat drips off out of the chicken and not into your stomach.

My version though has a caveat. I don’t go for white meat so much because pre cut chicken breast is actually far more expensive than the rest of the parts (go figure), and I really like chicken thighs. They’re the part near the ass (depending on how its cut), and usually involve only one large bone, making it a quick and easy to cook. And besides it’s the best tasting, meatest part imho.

So here’s how it looks pre – cooked.

So that’s two approximately 6 pieces (I don’t remember anymore) pieces of chicken thighs mixed with thinly sliced ampalaya, salt and pepper, cheyenne pepper, worcestershire, some olive oil and tomato ketchup.

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Jill, a native Cebuana, has introduced me to something new called Pinakurat.

Above left is the original one we found at Market Market’s open area, while the Datu Puti version we found at Rustan’s Supermarket. Pinakurat has a website! Unfortunately I can’t tell which is better since I mixed both into that container at the right, but they both purportedly share the same ingredients.

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How To Put Veggies In Me

The pauso pinakbet really turned out ok. Prob is I’d had to make enough to accommodate all the veggies I bought, and soon I got tired of it so I have to admit some of it went to the trash can. What a waste, but at least I learned an important lesson – portions – or in other words, cooking just enough and not just to feed me but factoring in variety and how bored I’d get with a dish as well.

Anyway, the problem persisted. I ate mostly pork, chicken and fish, I definitely needed to put some greenery in my diet. So I think I found it.

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Pauso Pinakbet

I love pinakbet. Problem is the ingredients are bad for me, ie. Bagoong, Baguio Beans (or any beans), Shrimp and Okra. Just the fact Bagoong is bad for me completely nixes this dish out obviously, as Pinakbet in English is translated ‘Meat Vegetable Stew in Shrimp Paste’.

Current diet however, suggests I need to eat more veggies. And I really really want some. So..

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Adobo, Commuting, and Expensive Gym Rates

I played my first game yesterday, and I ached a little bit that night but overall felt great. It was just a simple 2 on 2 with some village kids but I huffed and puffed and did fairly well, I think each team won a game.

Today I had to take a meeting with someone at The Fort. Going there was a 20 minute tricycle ride, a 40 minute shuttle ride and another 15 minute cab ride. I left at 1040am and was there around lunch. That’s pretty good and comparable to when I lived in Cainta, especially considering the approx. 60+ kilometer distance. The difference of course was virtually zero traffic and we were moving all the time. Under the same conditions the travel time to Cainta would be less than half, but since the idiots who run that place can’t get their heads together long enough to fix the traffic that’s never the case.

Anyway, here’s a pic of some adobo.

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