Ginataang Tilapia, Smoldering Coffee & Stolen Tuna

I dunno what possessed me to want to make a ginataang dish from scratch. It’s easy enough to buy a can of coconut milk or even already grated and pressed coconut milk from the wet market in small plastic bags, but nooooo, I wanted to do this myself.

Frankly, credit it to Balibago’s excellent wet market. It’s not dirty or filthy, it’s big, organized, and it makes you wanna buy things and be experimental. To wit:

I poured in the requisite 1 glass per coconut and start to squeeze.

Fortunately I’ve a large enough strainer.

Here’s the fresh fish killed, deboweled and scraped right before my eyes an hour ago.

Off it goes into a deep dish with the precious milk.

After which I pour on varied and sundry greenery, including 2 pieces labuyo. There’s longer green pepper, chives and other greens, and later on I add carrots and onions in there.

Add more milk (I had far too many, but thats ok, it’s delicious).

Then boil very slowly.

Oh my God it’s delicious.

You gotta wonder how a country so rich with coconuts that you can’t turn your head without seeing one would have hungry people. It makes you wonder how idiotic we are to be wasting / neglecting the┬ábounty we so graciously have in abundance.

Anyway, here’s a pic of my coffee cup earlier this morning against a backdrop of the view we enjoy from the balcony.

I was trying to go for a smoldering effect but one can only ask so much from Laszlo my overworked (but trusty) cam.

And here’s a pic of what Jill and I had for breakfast the other day.

Every weekend we go back to Jill’s house in BF to raid and pillage borrow whatever food is available from the pantry. This week it’s cans of tuna.

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