Chicken Curry In A Rice Cooker

We’ve decided to forego buying a range because we just don’t have any more space in our condo makeshift ‘kitchen’. But what happens if I get the rare urge to cook? Why, use the rice cooker of course. And today it’s Chicken Curry.

To be honest this is a kind of mishmash pot whose ingredients are partly determined by what I’m trying to get rid of from the ref. My way of explaining why there’s ampalaya in there.

After simmering 1/2kilo of well thawed out chicken thighs with some garlic and onion for approximately 10 minutes, I add chopped mushrooms, chopped carrots and potato. It is absolutely crucial you thaw chicken well to room temperature if it’s coming from the freezer. Trust me it’s make or break.

The cooker is on high all this time, and around 5 minutes later I add seasoning like salt and pepper, etc., along with a small can of evaporated milk and of course, the curry.

Here it is boiling up and tasting just like it should (I just checked).

The best thing about the rice cooker is that it’s a slow cooker as well if you set it to low heat. Which is perfect if dinner is still an hour or so away. You can’t do that on a gas range because it would take too much gas. This way the stuff gets cooked long and thoroughly. And anyone who has cooked stew knows, this is the best way to get the most flavor.

I’m thinking maybe Adobong Bangus next time. I LOVE Bangus and once tried adobong bangus that was absolutely sublime. Or maybe something tomato based. I’m enjoying this. It’s fast, hassle free and easy to clean up after. Might not be good on the electric bill though. As a general rule, appliances that heat up take up a lot of electricity.

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