Adobo, Commuting, and Expensive Gym Rates

I played my first game yesterday, and I ached a little bit that night but overall felt great. It was just a simple 2 on 2 with some village kids but I huffed and puffed and did fairly well, I think each team won a game.

Today I had to take a meeting with someone at The Fort. Going there was a 20 minute tricycle ride, a 40 minute shuttle ride and another 15 minute cab ride. I left at 1040am and was there around lunch. That’s pretty good and comparable to when I lived in Cainta, especially considering the approx. 60+ kilometer distance. The difference of course was virtually zero traffic and we were moving all the time. Under the same conditions the travel time to Cainta would be less than half, but since the idiots who run that place can’t get their heads together long enough to fix the traffic that’s never the case.

Anyway, here’s a pic of some adobo.

You make it by mixing a kilo of pork, half shoulder and half liempo:

With 2 cloves garlic minced and 2 onions chopped in halves, a cup of soy sauce and some leftover celery. I dunno why I put celery, I think I just didn’t want it to rot in the fridge. You’d not notice it after it melts into the dish anyway. After 10-15 mins. of boiling on low heat (covered) the house is the literal definition of goddamn wonderful. This’ll last me a week more or less.

For breakfast I had this:

Which is bangus baked with butter healthy yellow love sauce and nothing else. I swear to God realizing that bangus is wonderful just the way it is without having to drown it in garlic and vinegar is the one of the Greatest Discoveries I have ever made in my life, ranking 2nd to beautiful females, which of course I do not pay attention to anymore considering I am marrying the love of my life this May.

Ok moving on, here’s how to make fried rice.

First you start off with frying an egg, then adding some garlic.

Then you put in some day old rice.

Now you’re going to have to stir it all up in high heat. High heat helps break down that rice. However high heat will also burn it, so you need to stir, stir, stir.

And keep stirring.

Until you end up with this. Add some salt to taste.

Now finally I will show you expensive gym prices. I passed by one on my way home. Here’s their regular rates.

Here’re their promo rates until Jan. 15 I think.

And here are their ‘packages’.

The only thing I’m interested at is the ‘walk in / per session’ thing, but at P250 I’m not too sure anymore. That’s steep, man. Although maybe I can go 1x a week only if I’m bored or something, but still, P250 for a workout is still P250.

I noticed however, that P250 on the ‘lean time promo’ part was edited, from what looks like it started out as P150. I’m not sure but maybe I can figure out a way to finagle a deal or something. We’ll see.

3 Replies to “Adobo, Commuting, and Expensive Gym Rates”

  1. First of all Happy New Year to you and Jill, dear Cuz.

    Secondly wow congratulations on the engagement! I just read your previous entries now because we were away for the holidays. Hmmm you chose the month of May din ha! Gaya gaya kayo, not fair! J/k hehe

    Third – it seems you are doing a lot of cooking and even get to blog about your culinary skills – good preparation for married life! :D

    Lastly good luck on the wedding preps, believe me you will need Stress tabs in dealing with all the nitty gritty details. :P Ooops I didnt mean to scare you away. Both of you can handle it! =)

  2. thanks so much cuz! We’re all excited here. I’ve been cooking for quite a while now, only been able to blog about it recently.

    Happy New Year to you and everyone out there too!

  3. Hi, Mr. Mercado. Came across your blog via TheAtlantic.

    After reading your thoughts on Mr. Tizon’s article, I hopped around your site. Food looks sarap. The gym rates you posted are pricey, but not as pricey as the rates in Metro Manila, like the big chain that has branches in Greenhills and MegaMall. :)

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