Wish Books Were Cheaper Post

I spent a full hour or so browsing around Fully Booked this afternoon. I would’ve bought myself a wall calendar except that the ones they sell there are goddam expensive (-+2k?!?). I mean, they’re really nice and all but I’d be happy with those free ones Chinese – owned hardware stores give out, with big red numbers.

Anyway, I wanna buy these two books:


and Vengeance: The True Story of an Israeli Counter-Terrorist Team

The first one is because I’m interested in larger than life characters and the second because I liked Munich, the movie the book was based on, as well as the fact that I’m very interested in the story of how when Israeli Olympic athletes were killed in the 1972 Olympics, Israel launched a (the recollection reportedly much debated upon) retaliation. If there’s a book a movie was based on it’s almost always guaranteed to be 10x more interesting, so I’m counting on that to be a winner.

The problem is the first book cost P765.00 and the other somewhere in the P600~P700 region – far too expensive for an impulse, just – browsing – at – a – book – store situation.

So the whole point of post actually, is to just say Why are books so fucking expensive in this country?!. That’s it actually. I’ll go sleep now.

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