Just a bunch of pics today

My place looks nicest in the mornings and late afternoons when the sun sets.

Took some of those pics when I was on my way to Ge’s place at another village 10 minutes away.

In other news, I’m starting to play ball again but again, my previous gout experience has me feeling like I have a sprained ankle. I should start using my playing shoes now (I just use slippers, which probably aggravates the situation), but everyone else in slippers so..

This place comes alive at around 530pm, when everyone comes home from school / work. Around 450pm I was shooting hoops alone at the park, then 20 minutes later the place was packed with guys from nearby TechnoPark playing ball and a bunch of kids hanging around.

This place is ok, really. Can’t say I’m bored since there’s tons of work to do. And since the gimmick places are far I get to avoid spending as well – an unexpected treat for my wallet.

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