Healthy Yellow Love Chicken

Fried / Baked Chicken is prepared by frying chicken breasts or thighs for a few minutes until the outside is nice and crispy..

You then put it into one of those oven ready deep dishes with some, uhmm, butter ‘healthy yellow love grease’ ..

Then bake it.

For approximately 20 minutes. I like the wait, there’s always something to do anyway like take a shower or wash the dishes or prepare rice and stuff.

I gotta tell you, it’s a real winner. No more of that ridiculous stringy over – seasoned, occasionally burnt, still blood in the insides crap we used to be force fed. Nothing but meat falling – off – the – bones, juicy, tasty, wonderful smelling covered with butter ‘healthy yellow love grease’ you can pour onto your rice and uhmmm uhhmmm YUUUmmm.

After which I end this post with an unrelated pic of one of the street sweepers around here, which I tip every week approximately P30 to sweep all the leaves and occasional trash that finds its way around the house somehow. Ever since I started tipping them (he’s just one of them) I started to notice they hang more around here, sweeping in the mornings.

I gotta think of another name for this other than ‘Fried / Baked Chicken’. Oh, I know..

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