Tomato Balls

I can name a whole new blog that – Tomato Balls. What an interesting name. Anyway, here’s how to make it.

Ingredients are the expected: Lots of onions, tomato sauce, ground beef and as they say, “you can never have enough garlic”.

Mix together, form balls, heat the tomato sauce with some water and mix..


..heat and mix.

Meatball should be nice and firm, not falling apart. If you pack them tight when rolling them up you gotta cook em maybe up to 20 mins to make sure the insides are cooked nice. When you break one apart like below, the insides don’t have tomato in them, which makes covering it with tomato sauce yummy.

Cook some rice.

Ok I know above is fried rice, so I cheated a little making this post. This is the same rice I cooked after sitting overnight, fried with egg, soy sauce and salt.

Wish I could post hi res pics because it really looks delish.

Above is le combination fried rice and re – heated Tomato Balls.

You can also do this for merienda. There’s a lot of tomato sauce so I heated some up with a few balls.

Then along with some baguette toasted with butter..

Voila! Like I said in my previous post, I make a lot, stuff it in the ref and reheat portions throughout the week. Something like this can last approximately 3 to 4 days, with other types of food in between + eating out of course. Saves me money and most especially saves me time from going to the grocery often which is a real time – sucker.

I’m hungry now.

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  1. Yeah I hope you can post hi res pics because your pictures look like some kind of chemical warfare…

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