Baked Chicken ala Gary

In response to Chel’s request that I write more about my diet, I’m finally gonna publish a long delayed favorite dish of mine, baked chicken. Chicken per se is healthy provided you go for white meat, and baking, like grilling, is also healthy because the fat drips off out of the chicken and not into your stomach.

My version though has a caveat. I don’t go for white meat so much because pre cut chicken breast is actually far more expensive than the rest of the parts (go figure), and I really like chicken thighs. They’re the part near the ass (depending on how its cut), and usually involve only one large bone, making it a quick and easy to cook. And besides it’s the best tasting, meatest part imho.

So here’s how it looks pre – cooked.

So that’s two approximately 6 pieces (I don’t remember anymore) pieces of chicken thighs mixed with thinly sliced ampalaya, salt and pepper, cheyenne pepper, worcestershire, some olive oil and tomato ketchup.

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How To Put Veggies In Me

The pauso pinakbet really turned out ok. Prob is I’d had to make enough to accommodate all the veggies I bought, and soon I got tired of it so I have to admit some of it went to the trash can. What a waste, but at least I learned an important lesson – portions – or in other words, cooking just enough and not just to feed me but factoring in variety and how bored I’d get with a dish as well.

Anyway, the problem persisted. I ate mostly pork, chicken and fish, I definitely needed to put some greenery in my diet. So I think I found it.

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