How To Put Veggies In Me

The pauso pinakbet really turned out ok. Prob is I’d had to make enough to accommodate all the veggies I bought, and soon I got tired of it so I have to admit some of it went to the trash can. What a waste, but at least I learned an important lesson – portions – or in other words, cooking just enough and not just to feed me but factoring in variety and how bored I’d get with a dish as well.

Anyway, the problem persisted. I ate mostly pork, chicken and fish, I definitely needed to put some greenery in my diet. So I think I found it.

Basically you make a bed of ‘hard’ veggies, (in this case carrots but sometimes I use potatoes or both):

then you put in your meat or fish, in this case bangus belly, which are surprisingly cheap. One Century Tuna pack costs P99.00 and contains 2 fish which I slice into 8 pieces. I usually eat 1 piece per meal but for above pic I used 2.

Then we put some chopped pechay on top:

and sprinkle juuust a little Olive Oil to keep the leaves from getting burnt.

Then it’s off to the oven for 20 mins. Good Lord the smell is so wonderful it’ll drive you crazy. I know the wait sounds long but there’s always something to do like take a shower or refill water bottles, etc.

Works on chicken too, which I fry on the pan for a little while until golden brown.

The carrots keep the meat from sticking on the sides of the ceramic dish.

Note how well cooked the insides are if you bake it (notice too, the professional method I use to slice it to give you a view of its insides. Expert at work.). Anyway, it’s silly how a lot of people settle for eating chicken still with traces of blood in the insides. That’s not only gross but surely unhealthy, with possible bacteria inside. Baking thoroughly cooks it without burning it as well as making it oh so buttery soft and just bursting with flavor.

The remaining juices along with the veggies are sublime, and will make you forget your name a few seconds.

And again the nice thing is, you’re not all that filled up because most of that is veggies. I kinda learned that the hard way the first weeks I was here and cooked too much, resulting in my gaining weight since I’d eat everything cause I felt guilty throwing it away. But I’ve learned now and I actually feel great after a meal, I don’t feel sleepy or drowsy and after a little rest I’m back to work.

I’m getting to enjoy these meals. Just before I sleep I get all excited about what I’d cook the next day. Yes it’s sad.

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