Those That Congratulate You Are Your True Friends

Went for a fantastic walk today from the house to Paseo, the shopping center. Only went halfway back though because I had to shop at Rustan’s for rice. I bought into the brown rice healthy shtick only to be told be Jill that it tastes like cardboard, so I’m feeling like a shmuck right now. Glad I only bought 5 kilos.

Work wise I’m firing on all cylinders to get some business going with some big clients. I had some bad luck with a few ones but there’s nothing I could’ve done about that, so I’ve pretty much closed the door and moved on in my head. Feel much better now frankly.

The title to this post gives away how I feel about other things though. It’s been awhile so I’ve mellowed down some, but I have to admit sometimes I feel hate in my heart, and am taking whatever steps I can to avoid that.

Such a damaging thing – hate. It’s like a virus that grows on you, takes over if you let it. I’ve stopped it, I think, but like the proverbial ebola that it is, it comes back when your guard is down.

Whatever will happen however, is entirely up to ourselves, and nothing anyone wants, says or does is going to matter the least little bit.

Right now I’m on top of my game and I’m getting even better. When I feel like this I feel like slaying dragons, like nothing can stop me.

I’ll ride on this a little bit. It feels good so what the heck. Besides it’s not like I expected things to be perfect.

Poor naysayers. Congratulate me now. Feel good for me. Cause if you don’t, it only means we’re not friends.

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