Day Of Valor Potato Chips

Got this off of here, the first Google result when you search potato chips.


Fairly simple.

First you cut them into as thin a slice as you can. I just used a knife so I admit I got lazy sometimes and put in some chunks in there.

Then you put them in water and drain. I did that about five times, similar to what I do when I cook rice. I guessed the idea would be the same. Finally I put them in cold water for 30 minutes.

Now the drying process. I gathered from similar recipes it is important for them to be completely dry. So I lay them out on a towel with the electric fan. Recipe called for paper towels but since I didn’t have any I just use cloth. As long as it’s clean I’m good.

I put a similar sized towel on top and pat them to dry even more. Took about 20 minutes.02_09apr13

Now the frying. I cooked them in two batches. I’m surprised it took the potatoes about ten minutes to turn brown in such high heat. I thought I screwed up when they were still light colored the first few minutes.03_09apr13

Here you go. Yum yum. Salt to taste because without salt it’s actually not that good.


I give myself a 9/10. If I sliced them all evenly thin I think they would have all come much better. Also thicker pieces take longer to cook, so while there were already thin slices turning dark brown there were some chunkier pieces still white-ish, so it’s really important to slice them thin.

Turned out great. They actually taste kinda like V-Cut. Takes a while to do though. And you get a lot of extra oil that you need to find a way to recycle somehow.


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