Writing, TechEx, Cebu and Cranberry Juice

I was trying to finish a strong opinion re Michael Jordan’s speech at the Hall of Fame for BallEx but I lost my train of thought due to a funny situation at Tech Exchange. Someone probably close to the person who wrote a badly worded press release which I wrote about started making personal attacks, and some other person decided that my opinion re the press release was a slant towards the topic of the release itself. Which would’ve been fine if it weren’t for the fact that it’s a locally released Linux Distro (aka distribution, or a flavor or different version of a Linux operating system). And since developers / followers of local distributions are usually a patriotic lot, I got on the wrong end of that a little bit. All’s well however, given I don’t respond to personal attacks, and at the same time there’s no questioning really what my intentions are and how far from the truth it is what I am accused of. If anything though, my whole emotion re it is that I’m happy the site is getting hits, and if it continues to gather opinion I can only be happier.

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New Exchange, Updates on Old Exchanges, Other Stuff

It’s gonna be harder for me to update lefthandedlayup, considering the ff.

  • I have now started to write for the newest Exchange Tech.Exchange. I will write on that every weekday and optionally on weekends.
  • I also have enough PRs of gadgets to upload to Tech.Ex’s Gadget Gallery so that I’d not run out for a year if I uploaded one a day.
  • I have launched a new feature on MomEx called School Reviews. I imported 1,577 records of NCR DECS accredited schools into it, from which visitors to the site can leave comments and rate from 1 to 10 stars. Here’s a sample school, where you can see people comment below, consequently leaving info important for other parents.
  • I plan to import the rest of the DECS schools nationwide, probably totalling in the 10,000 onwards, including public schools. By June, I hope people will rely on it as a resource for where to enroll their kids.

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