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I was trying to finish a strong opinion re Michael Jordan’s speech at the Hall of Fame for BallEx but I lost my train of thought due to a funny situation at Tech Exchange. Someone probably close to the person who wrote a badly worded press release which I wrote about started making personal attacks, and some other person decided that my opinion re the press release was a slant towards the topic of the release itself. Which would’ve been fine if it weren’t for the fact that it’s a locally released Linux Distro (aka distribution, or a flavor or different version of a Linux operating system). And since developers / followers of local distributions are usually a patriotic lot, I got on the wrong end of that a little bit. All’s well however, given I don’t respond to personal attacks, and at the same time there’s no questioning really what my intentions are and how far from the truth it is what I am accused of. If anything though, my whole emotion re it is that I’m happy the site is getting hits, and if it continues to gather opinion I can only be happier.

I’ve long decided that I wasn’t gonna employ typical techniques to try and increase hits on TechEx other than the occasional Facebook status quoting, so I’m approaching the ‘popularizing’ of it, if you will, with geeky interest. I stopped writing on it for a month though but I never assumed I’d stop. Now I seem to be gathering steam so let’s see where this goes, and with the help of these misguided commenters cum haters maybe the endeavour will speed up a bit.

Ok next topic.

My next topic has to do with the fact that I just turned off the TV after I couldn’t handle the mosquito bites downstairs anymore. We’re subscribed to the lowest available plan for Cignal TV, a satellite based subscription service, and we get only 25 channels I think. One of them is a channel called Bio, and it featured two people who had to go to through intervention to force them to join clinics to help with their addictions. One was named Gabe and he had a gambling problem, while the other one was a girl whose problem I didn’t completely get but apparently had something to do with beauty products because there was some camerawork showing her and her friends and relatives stacking away boxes of them. Would’ve been a good feature for KE, maybe.

At any rate the Gabe guy was screaming and terribly difficult at his intervention, as one would imagine. The only other time I had ‘witnessed’ an intervention was on the Sopranos, when everyone decided to confront Michael Imperioli’s character, Christopher Moltisanti, with his drug addiction. I frankly thought the Gabe version was far more dramatic due to the fact that the characters were speaking out of synch and occasionally on top of one another just like, you know, the way it happens in real life. The situation was tense and difficult and I could feel it throughout.

The docu skipped several months later after his therapy and showed Gabe a different man, albeit occasionally relapsing but at least aware of what an ass he had been. Unfortunately those relapses and his obvious avoidance of any sense of responsibility for his actions (he obviously still didn’t wanna pay off his debt to a friend because he never even mentioned it when they met up again), proves that he is a ways off from complete rehabilitation.

I personally think the reason it failed was because during the intervention itself, his mother agreed to a compromise where they would pay off his debt if he would seek therapy. That’s an absolute mistake as obviously it offered him a way out via merely pretending to go along, which is exactly what he did. The only way it’d have worked is if he went on his own accord, and no other reason is good enough. So that was a fail in my opinion.

Final Topic.

I know it’s nuts segregating my paragraphs with topic headers like that, but I just need to find a way to separate them, you know? So they won’t get mixed up. When I write these things I’ve a million thoughts going on in my head and getting ’em out whilst maintaining some sense of order requires discipline, hence the topic headers. Looks and probably is stupid, but there you go.

So anyway, Jill is off to Cebu tonight until Sunday, so I’m stuck here with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Fortunately my health has come back a bit, and I think I’m ready to play again.

Cranberry juice and cherries, I think, are the keys to taking care of my gout problems. It’s one of the very many solutions to gout as listed for example, here, which has a funny way of talking about gout remedies with it’s ‘it might work or not’ way of writing, which I completely understand because apparently, nothing works reliably all the time and not even what may have worked then is a guarantee it’d work the next time. I’m fairly sure of that now, having suffered more times than I care to share.

So anyway, I hope to spend the time playing ball during the weekend. Heck, I’d probably play right now if someone asked me (it’s 1:37am as I write this), for some odd reason I’m all wide awake.

No doubt, I miss the game, and I miss those days just a few years ago when I’d play consecutive games in consecutive days. A few posts ago I wrote how big and strong I was and how I’ve come to a point nearly the opposite of that. At this moment however, I’m healthy enough to think I can go back there. And why not? Age was never a factor then, shouldn’t be now. Health, yes. But not age.

But it won’t be as much as I’d miss you, babe. Come back home soon.

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