San Jose Realizations and Whatnot

According to my phone’s sent box, I finally arrived with my last batch of stuff on the 6th then promptly fell sick that afternoon. I remember sitting down in my living room (and when I say ‘living room’ I mean a Uratex seat on the bare floor), dripping in sweat and feeling completely exhausted while looking at the ton of other boxes and bags I had to sort through and arrange. I took a break, and even took Jill to dinner that night at one of those fast food places at Paseo, which is a great find. Day after though I felt sick to the bone.

This went on for 2 or 3 days until I could get back on my feet. Acclimatizing while dealing with a terrible cold and fever didn’t help of course, but at least the drugs kept me sleeping for the most part of it.

Jump to the next week, when it turns out the oatmeal that had comprised my breakfast during the time I was sick was near on top of the list of bad things for my gout, so guess what? By the time my fever was starting to subside my foot, in turn, reached a pain level constantly in the 8 to 9 range (where 10 is worst). It felt like glass splinters shooting up and down my leg and to top it off I could barely crawl let alone stand, so I had to make adjustments for doing simple things like crapping and taking a leak.

Once again Jill saved my ass for the 2nd time, taking care of me during the weekend until she had to attend to work. Ezel and Gerald however, were worried about me, and by the time Monday came along Ezel was having Ge text me to tell me if that I was just being shy, to knock it off, as they insisted on having me stay at their place. Maybe it was the Tramadol, but I never really thought I needed help. But I gladly accepted their generous offer anyway, noting the burn marks on my arm from trying to cook food and the unhampered availability of DSL and Cable TV.

I spent one full night and day there and by the time they took me back the next day I felt way better. Merely hobbling mind you, and can’t get very far that way either (it hurts after 20 meters or so), but quite on my way just the same, obviously thankful for a great many things.

I am obviously rich in friends. As I write this, the mere idea astounds me, and I am not a little taken aback.

I’ve taken a completely new opinion on what friendships are altogether. First off, there are people who exist who do not ask anything off me, and yet extend themselves in my favor generously. Obviously that’s not to say that I would offer anything of value, but I do not even have, to my belief, the ability of providing quality companionship, or a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen with. Many times I feel I’m just a grumpy old guy far too self important and engrossed in himself to provide anything of value to the world.

Anyway, its 12:11pm, and I’m the world of opportunity (for a hobbling and scrimping man that is), for the rest of my afternoon. Until proper internet comes (still using my phone), I’m as useless as a gay man in a harem.

I’ve finished with my daily reminders to PLDT to hurry their ass up and connect me, and am considering checking the NBS at Nuvali to see what’s there. I suspect the developers shoulder some of their cost just so as to have a bookstore (and some other fancy shops and places) get set up and situated in the middle of nowhere, and I’m feeling half inquisitive enough today to find out.

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