Blogging Per Se, Safe Villages and Obama’s Book

There was once upon at time when I was teh personal
and I think one of the primary reasons why I am starting
to write on lefthandedlayup again is because of the
excitement it gave me to post something up. I’ve way matured
that feeling from the various (mostly self – serving) emotions
conjured while at it, many of which prevented me from enjoying it for
what it really is.

To publish something is an exciting series of events. The topic
might come first or the motivation, but the idea of putting it all
together to produce something of note can make anyone giddy. As we
progress later on our careers as writers, editors and publishers, we
may extend these actions onto situations that serve other purposes.
The newspapers do it to shape public opinion. Movie writers do it to
get people to go / not go to their showbiz alaga’s productions and so
forth. Who’s to say that we haven’t written an article on KE, MomEx or
BallEx that wasn’t to curry some action? It’s just the way things

But here on lhl, I write because I wanted to say how NBS Nuvali is
a complete waste of time. That my car Joe probably wasn’t worth the
make over I paid good money to get done and I should probably once and
for all sell him, and that I think San Jose is by far the safest place
on planet Earth. Or even the Philippines for that matter. And granted
how cheaply a life can be snuffed and covered over in these islands,
that says a lot.

Still on my last point, I still have yet to completely come to
grips with just how safe it is at this place. Of course having said
that, I might wake up to a missing ref and PC by tomorrow morning, but
jokes aside, it really is amazing. Having come from a near squatter
area, and improved to a ‘semi sorta’ village in Cainta (which although
had paid security, squatters still milled about), this place is like a
dream. There aren’t even any stray dogs about, with dog owners put to
task for taking care of them. No loud parties are aloud past 10pm, and
tricycles can’t come in beyond that time as well. You’ll have to walk
in if you commute. You, the paying tenant.

Not much else sense to this post if I let it ramble any further.
I’m going to shower then sleep now, while reading Obama’s ‘The
Audacity of Hope’, which from the 15% of which I’ve read is convincing
me the man is possibly one of the most intelligent men I’ve ever read,
and no doubt the most qualified for his country’s ills. God bless that
guy, I really mean it. If he’s as sincere as all that crap he wrote
then by God they’ve got a true Hero in their hands.

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