why I’m here

the very fact I have to remind myself occasionally why I decided to
live here is reason enough to suspect, and rightly so, that I’m not
enjoying myself. and sadly I’ve to face the fact that yes, after
nearly a month, Ive started to wonder the wisdom of my move.

then again I’m not completely healed yet, and there’s also the fact
I’ve yet to have full dsl yet ( the damn pldt guys installed the cable
and left the landline and dsl modem a full week ago but they don’t
work yet. I’m stealing wifi off my consenting neighbor and am writing
this on an iPod). But still. Being alone can be lonely, and the quiet
irks me. it’s not that I’ve gone lunAtic, at least not yet, but the
boredom gets to me, and again I have to remind myself.

after I do of course I’m reminded the alternative. And therefore
realize this is the right thing.

So it really is all up to me to make it easier for myself and stop
whining. Come on foot get better already.

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