Ok I finally have DSL.

The PLDT guys came over around 3 in the afternoon and hooked me up. This is the plan 990 they harp on about all the time and so far it’s been ok. My main barometers don’t use numbers. I just play internet radio on iTunes while doing some regular webmaster work and it hasn’t hiccupped once.

Speaking about internet radio, I think it’s what I missed most about not having any ‘net. There’s a station on iTunes that’s called Jazzradio.com – Vocal Jazz, ftg. the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Billy Holiday, etc. and listening to it after I work on stuff in the evenings is surely on my top 3 fave things of all time.

There are two parties going on around my neighborhood right now, one right at the house beside me and another noisier one somewhere farther left. I caught myself wishing the one beside me invited me, but then I settled down to a semi – interesting movie on Star Movies and realized I might probably be having just as much fun watching that. I think the main reason I wanted to get invited was the food. I’m running out on food at home and I wanna eat something I don’t have to heat up or cook for a change as well. Besides, food at the wet market at Paseo, the shopping area near here, is expensive. A kilo of liempo is P190 while a large size boneless bangus is P65. If I keep shopping for food there, even if for myself, I’d be broke before rent is due. The alternative however, is a good 30 min. drive away at this really congested place called Balibago, across a bridge at SShway where the bus and FX terminals are, and I don’t like going there, so I stick with the expensive wet market at Paseo.

I have icky dishwasher hands now too from washing dishes 2 to 3 times a day. The soap I use don’t seem to be strong enough and the food smell sticks to my hands, which have also turned tough from a few mistakes I made cooking where I singed myself.

I’ve learned to adjust now, and am starting to like it here.

On Christmas Day, the 25th, me and Jill told her parents we plan to get married by May. Her father was emotional, which surprised both of us and probably himself. It was the most touching moment I’ve ever been a part of in my life, and I’m glad I went through that.

A few days before, we had lunch again with her family at Town Center, where we talked more about who I am and what I do. Previous information I got earlier in the morning made me feel anxious about it, but later on I was more relaxed and the whole exercise made me feel much better and lighter afterwards. I now actually feel like I’m part of a family, something I’ve never felt for many decades now. I’ve totally forgotten how that feels like, and it feels wonderful. I think no one should ever be made to feel like they don’t have one ever in their lives.

I’m going to try and sleep by 10 tonight, so I’d wake up early enough to try and run / fast walk across an area near here which is perfect for running. I used Jill’s cars’ odometer to measure it and the whole stretch is exactly 2kms. I’m starting to feel good, and the aftereffects of gout – which this time felt exactly like a sprained ankle, are starting to dissipate.

I’m so looking forward to tomorrow morning. I’m so looking forward to next year.

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