Peekchurs and the Monster

So here’s basically where I live. I couldn’t place pegs on the notoriously difficult to use Google Maps, but its all good. DLSU Canlubang is this big area a 10min walk away, where I walk / run (mostly walk) in the mornings like today. Like I said in my last post the very long driveway + the roundabout at the end and back is exactly 2km., so that, plus a stopwatch (I use my phone) is a good way to measure progress.

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And here’s a few pics of ‘The Monster’, which is what I’ve decided to call the long driveway – the better to aspire to beat it I suppose.

driveway to dlsu canlubang

the monster again

the monster part 3

the monster part 4

Last pic is the University itself. I used my phone cam so they’re not all that great. I’ll use Laszlo, my Canon Powershot next time.

Pics were taken around 6:30am today. No I cannot run the whole way yet. I think the only thing that’s motivating me to even try is knowledge of the fact that I once could (and way much more so) – which if you think about it is a great reason to start kids early into sports and keeping in shape. If you try to get in shape when you’re way older it’d be so much harder not knowing you had that ability once.

Anyway today is the 30th, which is like this last big nothing to do day in between Christmas and New Year. I can hear some neighbor’s loud stereo and a bunch of kids walking about the streets. Did I say how peaceful and tranquil it is here? Even some neighbors left for their respective provinces, leaving me and neighbor beside me as the only houses occupied.

I think I’ll go to Alabang today, to grocery and hook up with The Jill. Later.

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