Peekchurs and the Monster

So here’s basically where I live. I couldn’t place pegs on the notoriously difficult to use Google Maps, but its all good. DLSU Canlubang is this big area a 10min walk away, where I walk / run (mostly walk) in the mornings like today. Like I said in my last post the very long driveway + the roundabout at the end and back is exactly 2km., so that, plus a stopwatch (I use my phone) is a good way to measure progress.

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And here’s a few pics of ‘The Monster’, which is what I’ve decided to call the long driveway – the better to aspire to beat it I suppose.

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I love Laszlo. But..

Ok fine. I’m starting to feel he’s a little underpowered. Hahaha. I know you’re laughing, Blen. But I can’t help it. Kapos e. Blame it on the fact I used to have a nice kick ass (ok, semi kick ass) Pentax SLR when I was a teen, and I took Mandy Navasero classes one bored summer way back 2,000 years ago in Makati. There I learned basic lighting and even *gasp* the lost art of film developing, which I eventually had to stop because it turned out I was allergic to the awful fumes. Sad, because I was actually getting pretty good at that.

Anyway point is, I’ve been doing the rounds of events and have started to make plans of my own, all involving the nice – to – have ability to produce good great fantastic images. Laszlo’s CMOS or whatever image gathering engine it has (I forgot) is up to the task. The problem is the lenses, or rather, the flexibility I miss if you can’t change to macro or wide angle lenses, or even insert filters. I absolutely loooved filters. I was Da Master of filters. I don’t think Laszlo’s lens can even do basic 35mm stuff the older SLRs could.

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Getting rid of the Ferrari

I’m supposed to be writing something for one of the blogs where i pretend to be a girl (so as not to ‘shock’ its readership too much), but instead I find myself writing here instead – inspite of the fact that I don’t really have much to say.

Oh wait but I do!

Meet Laszlo:

Named after a character in the book Jill happened to be reading, (and one of my favorite movies) The English Patient. The procurement of which (the camera, not the book) a result of the combination of the falling dollar plus the benevolence and industriousness of U.S. based friends.

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