I love Laszlo. But..

Ok fine. I’m starting to feel he’s a little underpowered. Hahaha. I know you’re laughing, Blen. But I can’t help it. Kapos e. Blame it on the fact I used to have a nice kick ass (ok, semi kick ass) Pentax SLR when I was a teen, and I took Mandy Navasero classes one bored summer way back 2,000 years ago in Makati. There I learned basic lighting and even *gasp* the lost art of film developing, which I eventually had to stop because it turned out I was allergic to the awful fumes. Sad, because I was actually getting pretty good at that.

Anyway point is, I’ve been doing the rounds of events and have started to make plans of my own, all involving the nice – to – have ability to produce good great fantastic images. Laszlo’s CMOS or whatever image gathering engine it has (I forgot) is up to the task. The problem is the lenses, or rather, the flexibility I miss if you can’t change to macro or wide angle lenses, or even insert filters. I absolutely loooved filters. I was Da Master of filters. I don’t think Laszlo’s lens can even do basic 35mm stuff the older SLRs could.

But then again, it’s size and compactness is great for approximately 75% of the tasks I set it too, which is bring it around and take quick shots of spontaneous situations. Unfortunately, if I wanna do the level of quality that’d appeal to advertorial standards (in other words, stuff clients will pay good money for), we need to bring in the big guns.

The alternative of course, is just to hire a pro. And hey that doesn’t sound like a bad idea really.

But still.


Maybe after I buy a new PC.

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