New Exchange, Updates on Old Exchanges, Other Stuff

It’s gonna be harder for me to update lefthandedlayup, considering the ff.

  • I have now started to write for the newest Exchange Tech.Exchange. I will write on that every weekday and optionally on weekends.
  • I also have enough PRs of gadgets to upload to Tech.Ex’s Gadget Gallery so that I’d not run out for a year if I uploaded one a day.
  • I have launched a new feature on MomEx called School Reviews. I imported 1,577 records of NCR DECS accredited schools into it, from which visitors to the site can leave comments and rate from 1 to 10 stars. Here’s a sample school, where you can see people comment below, consequently leaving info important for other parents.
  • I plan to import the rest of the DECS schools nationwide, probably totalling in the 10,000 onwards, including public schools. By June, I hope people will rely on it as a resource for where to enroll their kids.

Not to mention a plan to upgrade Kikay Exchange, and to launch a new company.

At any rate, this, my blog, will always survive as long as I occasionally think of writing stuff that I can’t use in any of the other blogs. As it is though, LHL will be a quiet place for the most part, so subscribe to its feed if you wanna keep up with news re me so that you won’t have to visit it so often.

Later folks. Wish me luck on the new ventures.

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