What’s Going On With Me

Yup, I’m breaking month long blog silence to write what’s up. Not that there’s anything earthshaking, just felt like it. So here goes.

  • I’m using Blogo, a Mac based (naks) blog writing tool that helps make updating blog(s) easier. It works vis xmlrpc.php which both wordpress and drupal has, so it’s a great fit for me. Got this via jen and it’s the first time I’m trying it, so am hoping it’ll work out the box.
  • I’m very good with the Mac now, which is a 3 year old iBook G4 running 10.4.11 (yes I know what those things mean now). I’ve learned all the important shortcut keys and figured out pretty much how to get around quickly without the mouse (I’ve always disliked mice, esp. trackpads). So two major observations: OneI love the fact running, using and installing things is almost exactly like a Linux distro (albeit a very very good and polished one), and Two the idea that this is ‘easy to use and understand’ or at least easier than Windows is lost on me. I’ve encountered and fixed some technical issues in the few weeks I’ve owned this thing that I’m sure would’ve made a typical user cry in frustration.

  • This is my 4th day stuck at home and sick of gout. Gout is a disease caused by high uric acid where toxins accumulate at the area around your big toe. It bloats and swells and hurts almost, I think, like you stepped on glass shards. Knowing this I was actually tempted to cut it open and let the toxin heavy blood out, and when I read some history about the disease it turns out that was an early cure for it. At any rate I can’t say the medicine for it, called colchicine, is any better. It comes in tiny 10mg pills and is enough, if you’re not careful, to get you nauseous.
  • I can’t help feeling resolved, even a little bit, to fix things in my life after what I’ve just been through. Being sick like that is a difficult pill, so to speak, for me, who’s been healthy many years in my life. In fact, good health was one of the things I’d always been able to count on. I was not only healthy, I was big, strong and athletic, with quick reflexes to boot. Even when I gained weight, I always had that confidence I could bounce back and feel strong and healthy again. Sadly, as I lay 2 or 3 days ago writhing in pain on my bed it’s obvious I’ve been far too lackadaisical. I need to get my shit in order and not assume things will just fall in place like I used to. I remember playing up to 5 games a day and partying all night, then waking up the next day fresh as a daisy. Obviously those days are way gone now and I gotta pay more attention. With the lower pain I’m feeling now just walking from one side of the house to the other is an ordeal.

I think I’ll write more in the later days. I was distracted by the RP-Korea game that just started a few mins ago, and ayuc’s* battery is getting low (ayuc stands for ‘as yet unnamed computer).


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