I Should Be Working Out..

But instead I am blogging. And so, if I’m gonna blog, I might as well brain dump, and discuss my issues for the day. Time start: 10:01am.

  • I am going to an event 2pm. It involves the launch of a new tech product whose parent company is also in the news for laying off thousands of workers, adding some measure of pallor to my mind, to a usually glitzy affair. It is vital that I maintain a presence in such things in order to prepare for the much delayed launch of my latest baby, the newest Exchange, details on a forthcoming date.
  • I am in the midst of looking for active, sporty female writers / bloggers for a project. This situation is ASAP, and fortunately, I managed to contact one of the most personable and capable individuals I know, to whom this project is tailor fit (reference intended). She has texted her questions to which I replied by emailing the details. She is however, rushing to something and promised a reply after lunch. I am not kidding when I say I am hopeful for a positive reply, the occurrence of which would probably make my day.

  • I was looking to go to the gym this morning but since it is already 10:22 as I write this, the execution of that plan looks bleak. Rather, I will move it for after the event. I know I could’ve strapped on some discipline and gotten my ass moving earlier but what can I say? I like blogging too much. I probably don’t say that often enough, and maybe I should. I love writing. I have always been, and consider myself, to be a writer. To state the obvious, I embrace, condone and promote blogging. I consider it to be one of the more important events since the inception of the Intarnetubezsphere, and probably ranks up there with, oh I dunno, hyper text transfer protocol.
  • I am looking forward to a short break staying at my friends house this weekend, but unfortunately I might have to mix some work in, if not postpone it altogether, due to above-mentioned project. There is of course, the urge to bitch about the haste with which this responsibility had been put upon me, but the fact it’s a paying project, that I can actually get it done so long as I keep my act together, plus the sheer uselessness of complaining, keeps me from doing so. I hope I am able to reflect upon things in a forthcoming manner on a regular basis.
  • I am looking to extend my consulting gig for another period. It is vital however, that I am an integral part and that my presence is valued. There is certainly enough work to be done. The presence of mamars however (Tagalog slang), complicates matters, and I have decided to repair it as I would, say, repair a wrongly phrased sentence or a technical glitch in the system. It is but one of the things one needs to deal with in order to produce a job well done. Seen in such light, everything is doable. I am thusly empowered.
  • My girlfriend is in the US in the 1st week of her month long vacay and I miss her terribly. I have been otherwise occupied, but her absence remains a palpable experience throughout my day.

End: 10:34am.

Ok, on with the day.

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