Saturday Spent Lounging Around!

The big issue about my consulting gig continues to be the terrible commute. At times, and due to the fact it’s Christmas, I spend up to 3 hours or more going just one direction, and it is very tiring. There is no way I will bring Joe (my car) with me because I’m positive it’ll take longer, and besides I’ve not been happy with him recently due to his high maintenance ways. Bad bad Joe.

In other news, last night was our first basketball game for our HS league, and I think I logged 1 rebound in, oh probably 2.5 minutes of playing time. I think I can really say I’ve come full circle now. There was a time I couldn’t keep track of how many leagues I was playing in (some of which stretch on for months), and I’d play either until my lungs would burst or my knees would give out. Now I can’t even get playing time on a team of mid – 30 year old dads.

Truth is though, I’ve realized it’s all good. A few months ago when I was coaching the village kids, I felt I had the experience of a lifetime. Me and my boys went on the roller coaster ride that is Philippine Liga Basketball, held all over our islands from Aparri to Jolo. I had sleepless nights thinking things over and over so much that I was well and truly obsessed.

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For some odd reason I had an inescapable urge to go to the gym today, and so I did, resulting in an adventure of forging my 20+ year old car through a waist deep flood (as to how I could not have foreseen that coming I.Do.Not.Know).

First things first. Joe, my ancient car, is quite a capable performer primarily because I care for it quite regularly. That’s not to say I spend a fortune on it, which I can’t even if I wanted to, it’s just that I’ve always been a gearhead, and having an old car is akin to having a toy to play with everday. Many times I had contemplated on selling it, but always I hesitated because a. What would I replace it with? Regardless of how old it is?, and b., aforementioned ‘toy’ reason.

Today, Joe made me proud. The area near the gigantic golf ball where you turn left from Ortigas Extension is notorious for flooding, and for whatever reason, I completely forgot. And so when I was following a larger vehicle on my way towards it, I realized that the water was deeper than I thought and getting deeper still. Pretty quickly I arrived at a no turning back point, and water was pouring into the car from underneath the door area and from wherever it could come in (told you it was old). Little kids were starting to cheer me on, I pumped up the gas, modulated the clutch, revved it high and mentally crossed myself. It was getting deep, deep and deeper still, and Goddam it the Corolla in front of me was slowing down.

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What I Learned From My Bosses (and other sources) Part 1

When you run your own biz, you hang on to the core reasons why you decided to go off on your own as well as remember every little thing you learned from your superiors. I dunno if I’ll get it all down on this post, but today I decided to try. Here goes.

My Scottish Boss: “Never stop asking (your proposal’s status) until you hear a ‘no’“, is something I still tell myself today. Until I hear a flat – out NO, then the game’s still on, and you work like a dog to get it approved. Makes beautiful sense.

Another was when he’d either catch me losing focus when chasing a deal or concentrate too much on a non – profit goal, he’d sarcastically (but jokingly, mind you), say “Oh it’s ok we have more than enough money!“. Applicable almost to all things I do. Whenever I remember that, it puts my thinking right straight and center almost immediately.

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What I Learned From My Talk

The talk went well. I thought there were only a few attendees at the start but 5 minutes into my talk it was SRO.

I learned a few things about myself plus a few observations. Lemme break it down so I won’t forget.

  1. Detailed pics of the sites won’t show up well on a not – so – good projector.
  2. Ten or more pages can translate to more than an hour.

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Got Super Sick But Now I’m Ok Again

I decided to wash my bedsheets a few days ago, substituting an old ratty one for the night. BIG mistake. My allergies flared up which quickly worsened into whatever horrible sinus related ailment and before I knew it, everything ached, I couldn’t even walk and essentially I became a vegetable.

And due to the fact I hadn’t gotten sick for the longest time I didn’t recognize it for what it was, and tried to work against it. Result? The 2nd day I was even worse off, and was even more useless, with even more pain everywhere.

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Getting My Programming Ducks In A Row

I know my previous post has probably revealed more about me than I’m usually comfortable writing about, but I took the time to let it sink in and have decided its gonna stay as is. I’ve always thought the way to grow was to take yourself out of your comfort zone, and by golly mission accomplished I think.

At any rate, I was trying to concentrate on a PBA game (Red Bull v Coca Cola, score is 51-56 respectively, 5 mins. left in the 3rd), when I decided to pick up my old trusty laptop and blog. I’ve been a fairly productive blogger today, making scheduled posts for ballex and one each for the two other sites.

I enjoy scheduling up posts, as it makes me feel like my ducks are in a row, one of my most oft used phrases these past few weeks, basically it gets right pat down exactly how I feel when I actually get to accomplish things. Jill and I have even started naming our ducks (much like the way we name our cameras and cellphones and other things). For example, paying bills are ‘Bill Ducks’, and trips to the bank are ‘Bank Ducks’. Yes I know. It boggles the mind how creative we can be.

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I hadn’t had a vacation until, let’s see it was the end of the UAAP season then, so was it Aug 2007? Anyway it was at Boracay, but for some odd reason it wasn’t as fulfilling a holiday as I’d thought it’d be. I remember going there in 1995 and back then Boracay was TRULY beautiful. I was with my friends Geo and Maite and her very large family and it was fun like crazy happy fun. I remember Geo didn’t even know how to eat with his hands or flush the toilet with a bucket of water, rich kid that he was, and was the constant butt of jokes because of. But I especially remember my best friend Yna and the laughs we used to have. She was the very first person to tell me that I should write, and in high school I would type these long notes for her after school and she’d read them and tell me what she thought. She was a strict critic and one of the first people I knew whom I’d trade thoughts of on books and movies, and we talked for hours over these things.

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I want a new PC

So according to the PCX’s handy downloadable pricelist, I can buy these:

Athlon 64 X2 4400 Dual core Box (P3,120)
Transcend 2GB 667 (1,560)

and the

ECS 6100SM-M/M2 nForce/V-pcie/S/L (P1,980), which as far as I can make out is otherwise known on the ECS website as GeForce6100PM-M2 (V2.0), although I wouldn’t be surprised if I were wrong.

and finally

PC ATI X1650 Pro 512ddr2 dvi 128bit (P2130)

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Saturday PM Panic

I was dead tired from the gym and was nodding off to sleep around 130pm last Sat when I heard a neighbour frantically banging on another neighbour’s door. It was enough to tear my aching lazy ass from bed to look out the window, where I immediately noticed the inordinate amount of smoke and ashes!!! flying around. Suddenly my body didn’t ache anymore, and after checking from the backside of our house my fears were confirmed.

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