I want a new PC

So according to the PCX’s handy downloadable pricelist, I can buy these:

Athlon 64 X2 4400 Dual core Box (P3,120)
Transcend 2GB 667 (1,560)

and the

ECS 6100SM-M/M2 nForce/V-pcie/S/L (P1,980), which as far as I can make out is otherwise known on the ECS website as GeForce6100PM-M2 (V2.0), although I wouldn’t be surprised if I were wrong.

and finally

PC ATI X1650 Pro 512ddr2 dvi 128bit (P2130)

So that’s a total of P8,790 which is NOT BAD for a (relatively) new rig. Of course I’m still using my existing DVDRW, casing and power supply (which I upgraded last year) to save on cost, and I’ll still use my older PC (also an ECS mobo, which is why I’ve grown to trust that brand) as my inhouse bittorrent downloader, I mean uhhmm.. webserver to test stuff.

I’m not really big on processors but I am big on RAM and video card performance, so maybe I can spare 2k to go either way.

So just like the Kikays on my website say when they see something they wanna buy, “I’m sooooooooooooOOOOOOOOoo excited!!” :) :)

Disclaimer: I won’t be surprised if the mobo doesn’t even match the processor, or if there are other buys out there better than my choices. I’ve not checked out PC hardware for a looooong time till today, so I’m well out of it. Consequently, this is not meant to be a buying guide! Just some guy pretending to know what he’s talking about and far too stupid with his money to be more careful with it (as usual).

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