Saturday Spent Lounging Around!

The big issue about my consulting gig continues to be the terrible commute. At times, and due to the fact it’s Christmas, I spend up to 3 hours or more going just one direction, and it is very tiring. There is no way I will bring Joe (my car) with me because I’m positive it’ll take longer, and besides I’ve not been happy with him recently due to his high maintenance ways. Bad bad Joe.

In other news, last night was our first basketball game for our HS league, and I think I logged 1 rebound in, oh probably 2.5 minutes of playing time. I think I can really say I’ve come full circle now. There was a time I couldn’t keep track of how many leagues I was playing in (some of which stretch on for months), and I’d play either until my lungs would burst or my knees would give out. Now I can’t even get playing time on a team of mid – 30 year old dads.

Truth is though, I’ve realized it’s all good. A few months ago when I was coaching the village kids, I felt I had the experience of a lifetime. Me and my boys went on the roller coaster ride that is Philippine Liga Basketball, held all over our islands from Aparri to Jolo. I had sleepless nights thinking things over and over so much that I was well and truly obsessed.

Now I see my friends and batchmates go through the same thing and I really feel happy for them. I really think that if any of their wives would like to know who they really are, they should see them while they’re playing basketball. Every little insecurity, every tiny quirk of a person’s character comes out in all its macho, ego wrapped fury. What they might find might shock them, as I’ve learned early on that whatever one might see on the surface usually has little to do with the monster that shows up on the basketball court. You will see chest beating. You will see declarations of immortality. And yes, you will occasionally see a crash and a burn. But whatever it is, it’s usually nothing to do with who you thought you knew.

The wonderful thing about it is that it’s all very entertaining, and so much so that I’m willing to just sit and watch it happen. I want them to go through what I went through, joining the Village leagues around here. There was so much emotion and so much drama. Just the idea of coming into a hostile village trying to keep a brave face on was incredible. And so much fun! It’s hard to think of anything I’d trade it with.

That’s it at the moment. I’d have wanted to end this with a thought that my 2x a week commute might improve, but you and I know that’s unlikely to happen.

It was a nice easy day today, spent lounging around and watching the Lakers dismantle the hard up Wizards. Tomorrow is Pacquiao day, which I’ll try to spend playing ball in the morning then going to the Jill’s later on.

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