Got Super Sick But Now I’m Ok Again

I decided to wash my bedsheets a few days ago, substituting an old ratty one for the night. BIG mistake. My allergies flared up which quickly worsened into whatever horrible sinus related ailment and before I knew it, everything ached, I couldn’t even walk and essentially I became a vegetable.

And due to the fact I hadn’t gotten sick for the longest time I didn’t recognize it for what it was, and tried to work against it. Result? The 2nd day I was even worse off, and was even more useless, with even more pain everywhere.

So I spent the whole day sleeping on and off. By evening I felt better, slept even more throughout the night and now I’m approximately 80% better. I’m not going out or anything, am certainly not gonna try anything strenuous. But I am fit enough to work, I think, so things are gonna get done today OR ELSE.

I would like to thank: Celestamine, for helping with my allergies. Kalamansi juice, which I’m sipping right now (yumm), Antihistimine, whose brand name I forgot, and good ol’ Biogesic, which is pretty potent I think.

First order of business now that I’m improving: Burn that ratty bedsheet – no explanation needed, and hire someone to clean my room free of dust. I figure p500 should do it. It’s disgusting really.

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