I Accidentally Deleted BallEx Today

But got it up from a day old sql backup. I posted this morning but I managed to retrieve that as well by being subscribed to my own RSS feed, so it was ‘backed up’ more or less.

Can I just say, WHEEEEWWWWWWW!

What I was working on needed a new db installed and I foolishly created one that was too similarly named to ballex’s DB. I made a few mistakes installing it so I decided to scratch it and start over by deleting the DB and – guess what – I deleted ballex’s instead. I definitely heard an audible gasp for air when I realized what I did.

Thank GOD I have Wp-backup, because if I didn’t I don’t know how I’d face the mirror everyday. We put in pure blood and guts in that thing, and to just delete it oh so casually would absolutely just kill us.

Nyway enough drama. I’m going for a walk out. I’m still not 100% after my bout with the flu, but I’ll be ok by tomorrow for sure. Oh, and I’m setting my backups to DAILY this time.

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