Of Lousy Domain Registrars and Good Workouts

The million fans of this blog (less 999,997) may have wondered where it went when this domain lapsed a few days ago. Credit (or debit?) my brilliant domain registrar for this oversight, as he failed to contact me beforehand – whereas SOP for registrars would be to contact you 3 months before.

Not only that, he doesn’t even apologize, merely replying after I texted him about it that it’s been relisted and it’ll be back in a few days. Yesterday he then texted to remind me of payment, after which I said ‘sure, just put me in your calendar (so it wont happen again) ok?’, to which I got no reply. EXCELLENT service right there, don’t you think? Especially considering I sent a fair share of business his way when I was still in the web design business. I’m just glad this is just a personal blog and not a critical service like the Exchanges. If I were still hosted at his service (he was my first host), I probably would’ve made a personal appearance to wherever he is in Laguna.

Anyway, to better things. Yesterday was my first basketball game in a long time and I felt good if it weren’t for the lingering effects of my cold from the past week. This after I thought I’d come to actually ‘retiring’ from playing. Credit Gold’s Gym for not hurting as much afterwards, which isn’t to say I don’t hurt now, except it’s a good kind of hurt instead of the ‘oh my God I’ll never walk again’ type of hurt.

Not only that but instead of just resting my tired, old bones I feel good enough to go to the gym tomorrow. I’m looking forward to the bike with the back support (as opposed to another type of bike without one), which helps old fogeys like me with back and knee issues. I wanna pound that thing for at least 30 minutes cumulative, interspersed with weights and stretching to help stamina and generally work some weight off if such a miracle is at all possible.

In a perfect world, all I’d do is gym in the mornings, hit golf balls all day and analyze basketball games for a living, dispensing my loads of crap wisdom towards my waiting, loving mass of worldwide fans. Yeah, the more I think about it, that’s exactly what I’d picture a beautiful world to be. Considering I get to go to a Class A gym regularly and dispense my opinion on basketball (logic – deprived or otherwise) on a regular basis, I can’t complain. I just need to work my ass on getting a sponsor or two for BallEx and maybe I can work on the golf part.

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