Goodbye Sleep

First it’s the Playoffs, leading to the Finals. Then in a few days from now *gasp* ROLAND GARROS.

Federer is gonna try again and Nadal will have something to say about that. But the big story is Henin’s early retirement, which kinda pulls the rug out of Sharapova’s bid. A pity since she’s looking stronger than ever.

Ahh Sharapova. Wait, what was it I was talking about?

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Carlos Celdran Is One Of My Idols

I’ve never met him, I’m one of those losers who say ‘oh let’s join one of his tours!‘, and doesn’t do anything about it, and I’m occasionally shocked at the things he does.

But to those who want to make a change in this world, you can’t go wrong in finding inspiration at the ostentatious, silly looking man in the top hat who, crazily enough, finds beauty in the Philippines. What an out of this world opinion, right? I mean, isn’t the logical thing to get the hell out of here?

And so to you Carlos, whose tour I wanna join one day but probably won’t do anything about (being a loser), here’s my little post on my blog that serves to say how much I admire you, and people like you, who work against the literal tide of humanity making a beeline for the exit.

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Of Lousy Domain Registrars and Good Workouts

The million fans of this blog (less 999,997) may have wondered where it went when this domain lapsed a few days ago. Credit (or debit?) my brilliant domain registrar for this oversight, as he failed to contact me beforehand – whereas SOP for registrars would be to contact you 3 months before.

Not only that, he doesn’t even apologize, merely replying after I texted him about it that it’s been relisted and it’ll be back in a few days. Yesterday he then texted to remind me of payment, after which I said ‘sure, just put me in your calendar (so it wont happen again) ok?’, to which I got no reply. EXCELLENT service right there, don’t you think? Especially considering I sent a fair share of business his way when I was still in the web design business. I’m just glad this is just a personal blog and not a critical service like the Exchanges. If I were still hosted at his service (he was my first host), I probably would’ve made a personal appearance to wherever he is in Laguna.

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Post Bar Exam err.. Post

3 days after the announcement we’re still pretty happy. Ok about 10% happy and 90% relieved that it’s finally done and over with. I was with Jill on Friday when the announcement was supposed to have come out originally, learning it was postponed when it was too late and I was already on my way to her place. I’ve given it time to marinate in my brain and this is what I’ve come up with.

It’s good that in our society, there are still things difficult to achieve – I read a book a few months ago about Indiana State’s high school basketball program, the very one that produced the miracle team Milan, depicted in the film Hoosiers in 1954 (ok I know this sounds like I’m digressing into basketball talk but hear me out). Back in those days, Indiana high schools regardless of size compete in a single tournament for a single championship, making their win even more dramatic considering they only had a population of 165. This changed in the 90s when, due to overzealous parents (accdg to the book) who wanted their kids to taste a championship at least once in their lives, divided the tournament, resulting in different ‘championships’ throughout the state. Obviously this watered it down and consequently (possibly without their realizing it), negating the glory that came with it.

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