Carlos Celdran – Ang Totoong ‘Lodi’.

On March 2008 I wrote how amazed I was at Carlos Celdran but I was one of those lazy people who couldn’t lift their asses long enough to join his tour. He found my blog post and answered with this:

I joined his terrific Imelda tour and met him. I met him a few more times after that once sitting beside him and exchanging small talk about music of all things, to pass the time at an event for bloggers sponsored by a telecom company. I was still writing for PDI at the time.

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On Carlos

My first experience with Carlos Celdran was back in May 2008, when I wrote how I wanted to join one of his tours. Lo and behold he commented and told me I get on for free if I just show up. Of course I went and thoroughly enjoyed an Imelda tour around CCP, information on which I’d never have known if it weren’t for him. I thought he was pretty fair to Imelda when he said how in spite of her grandiose loonyness we wouldn’t have the CCP, and we have her to *gasp* thank. I think about that to this day every time I’m there (such as right now writing this at Starbucks Harbor Square).

I met him again years later at a telco event and we talked a bit, but I doubt he’d remember. There was no doubt though he had alreaady made a fantastic impression on me. Here was the man to which we all truly owe a kind of continuing debt of gratitude. There is no doubt he has done far more for the city and the country than 95% of anyone in power give or take a few. He’s one of those guys who’ll be in the History books for our kids and their kids to study for generations to come. Way after we’re all gone they’ll be putting up a statue of him wearing his weird hat and holding a worn out clear book, for pigeons to sit on and tourists and history buffs to mull over. He’s the real deal. A man out to change the world.

When I think about his lost case against the CBCP, entirely different feelings emerge.

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Carlos Celdran Is One Of My Idols

I’ve never met him, I’m one of those losers who say ‘oh let’s join one of his tours!‘, and doesn’t do anything about it, and I’m occasionally shocked at the things he does.

But to those who want to make a change in this world, you can’t go wrong in finding inspiration at the ostentatious, silly looking man in the top hat who, crazily enough, finds beauty in the Philippines. What an out of this world opinion, right? I mean, isn’t the logical thing to get the hell out of here?

And so to you Carlos, whose tour I wanna join one day but probably won’t do anything about (being a loser), here’s my little post on my blog that serves to say how much I admire you, and people like you, who work against the literal tide of humanity making a beeline for the exit.

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