Carlos Celdran Is One Of My Idols

I’ve never met him, I’m one of those losers who say ‘oh let’s join one of his tours!‘, and doesn’t do anything about it, and I’m occasionally shocked at the things he does.

But to those who want to make a change in this world, you can’t go wrong in finding inspiration at the ostentatious, silly looking man in the top hat who, crazily enough, finds beauty in the Philippines. What an out of this world opinion, right? I mean, isn’t the logical thing to get the hell out of here?

And so to you Carlos, whose tour I wanna join one day but probably won’t do anything about (being a loser), here’s my little post on my blog that serves to say how much I admire you, and people like you, who work against the literal tide of humanity making a beeline for the exit.

And secondly but no less as importantly, thank you for qualifying what I had known all along, but wasn’t very clear to me until I subscribed to, and read more about you and what you do, via your blog.

It’s the realization that I love my country, and that I want to be a part of fixing it.

3 thoughts on “Carlos Celdran Is One Of My Idols

  1. If I gave you a free ticket, would you finally pick up your “loser” ass and join the tour?

  2. are you kidding me?! Even my loserness has its limits.

    i’m there! Will email you, kind sir.

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