When I Grow / Grew Up, I Want / Always Wanted To Be Iron Man

I am about to give Iron Man the highest possible rating I possibly can. And here it is: Iron Man brings me back to when I was 9.

For isn’t that what every little kid wanted to be? Tinkering with toys in a well lit, well equipped workroom, dreaming fantastic dreams, building fantastic things?

Trust me when I say I’ve only had the highest hopes for every superhero movie that ever went to theatres, and I assume everyone else who’s grown up with them felt the same.

When I was a kid I WOULD DREAM ABOUT THE HEROES! The amazing adventures! The fancy suits and doodads! The battles with impregnable foes! The romance with the beautiful (usually short pencil skirted but hardly helpless) reporters or in this case, assistant or otherwise scandalously clad fellow superheroines!

The flying! The bulging pecs and biceps! The BOOOOOOOOM!!! the POWWWWW!!! the BAANGGG THUD THUD THUD ZZZIIIPPPPP sSSSSSSSSSS TICK TICK TICK – BOOOOOOOOOMMMM BAAAAAANNNGGG KAPOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! Spidey’s smart alecky one – liners! The HULK’s ‘HULK WILLLL SMAAAAASSSSHHH!’ Daredevil’s radars sensing a rat going through the garbage three blocks away! Batman’s brooding and fancy car! The perfectly formed body, shining in armor or otherwise cutting the statuesque silhouette, and boy I’d be lying if that didn’t made me want to hit the gym later on trying to make myself one!

It was incredible! It was unique! It was inspiring, AMAZING, exciting and fantastic! IT’S EVERY WORD IN ALLCAPS AND THREE EXCLAMATION POINTS EACH TIME!!!

It was me, 9 years old, forming memories that would leave imprints forever.

Leading thus, to me, today, working on software, trying to get my company make profits, so that one day I can have a well lit, well equipped workroom so I can work on cars, or my next big idea, which may not necessarily be a red and gold suit that fire guided bullets from my shoulder pads but still rocks my boat nonetheless.

This movie makes me 9 again, brings me back to my roots. And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is what superhero movies are all about.

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