Getting My Programming Ducks In A Row

I know my previous post has probably revealed more about me than I’m usually comfortable writing about, but I took the time to let it sink in and have decided its gonna stay as is. I’ve always thought the way to grow was to take yourself out of your comfort zone, and by golly mission accomplished I think.

At any rate, I was trying to concentrate on a PBA game (Red Bull v Coca Cola, score is 51-56 respectively, 5 mins. left in the 3rd), when I decided to pick up my old trusty laptop and blog. I’ve been a fairly productive blogger today, making scheduled posts for ballex and one each for the two other sites.

I enjoy scheduling up posts, as it makes me feel like my ducks are in a row, one of my most oft used phrases these past few weeks, basically it gets right pat down exactly how I feel when I actually get to accomplish things. Jill and I have even started naming our ducks (much like the way we name our cameras and cellphones and other things). For example, paying bills are ‘Bill Ducks’, and trips to the bank are ‘Bank Ducks’. Yes I know. It boggles the mind how creative we can be.

I’ve also started scheduling interviews I’m supposed to have done weeks ago, but it’s still better late than never. And finally, probably fueled by my annoyance at myself for missing a meeting, I managed to finish approximately 40% of the work needed to start something that I think is going to be the next big thing. That’s right, and it’s super secret hush hush too, which makes it even doubly exciting. Yeah I know I’m being dramatic, but hell I wanna be FIRST in this and writing about it here is obviously gonna negate that.

Like most of the things I do for the sites I’m excited about it for two reasons: the first because it increases the site’s relevancy to its target audience (always a never ending and exciting challenge), and secondarily I’m way too enjoying the sheer geekery of trying to get the damn thing to work. Yesterday I overcame a fairly difficult hurdle only to meet yet another big one. But like all things programming it’s only a matter of time and pure unadulterated TIAGA to finally get to a solution. It’s exactly like playing Sudoku or something. Your brain is twisted this way and that to the point I almost feel like my nose is going to bleed from concentration, and then just when you’re about to give up the proverbial A-HA! moment finally arrives. Well, I’m still 60% away from a true A-HA!, but I’m getting there.

So anyway, that’s what’s up for today. Tomorrow I’ve gotta get my stupid lazy and fat ass to the gym, then back home to crack on the code again. The Programming Duck is taunting me, but my aim is starting to improve. If things go well it would’ve quacked it’s last by the end of the week.

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