Random Unedited Thoughts Weeks After Elections

The fam is fresh from a 3 wk vacation from Biliran. ‘Much needed’ is an understatement because the stress from the recent elections was affecting my health. What I thought was a toothache of massive proportions turned out to be teeth grinding, which I googled to be a subconscious stress related ‘coping strategy’. The pain was severe but waned two days in after I completely disconnected from social media and literally just hung around and did nothing.

I had been neglecting my business previous to that and was on auto – mode and had been putting projects in the back burner. I couldn’t concentrate on anything anyway so it wouldn’t have worked had I tried.

Oddly enough I was relieved once the whole thing was over for two reasons, the first because of my health. I had never experienced stress manifest the way it did before. I knew and heard about how that happens but to actually see and feel it in effect is surprising. I’ve never really truly felt ‘old’ until now, even after two operations.

Second was like I said in my post previous to this, we have a more ‘awake’ crowd now more than ever. I had been writing about how frustrated I was that people were comfortably, intentionally ignorant of trolls and fake news’ goal which was to rewrite history and ultimately elect an unapologetic, unqualified and quite frankly disinterested dictator’s son.

However in the past months people had gotten together by the hundreds of thousands to show they didn’t want that and weren’t going to take it sitting down. VP Leni said her role partly was to be the figurehead of this awakening and that is true. What’s important is that the truth rise to the surface, that people are made aware of an evil plan. Those rally crowds astound me to this day. Yesterday I happened onto a TikTok of Leni hugging Tintin and Sherwin after seeing them again backstage at Cavite rally 2. Sherwin was the man who drove Leni to the Cavite rally on his motorcycle. It still lead me to tears. I realize now it always will even if I watch it 10 years from now. The outpouring of genuine heartfelt emotion on a rally after rally basis was spontaneous, tremendous and authentic so it reaches into your soul of souls. There were no hearts of stone during those rallies.

Like I said in my last post, although the elections were lost the truth still remains the truth and lies still remain lies. Nothing changes that.

What’s important is that we realize we have to fight for the truth. The enemy is tenacious, prepared and resourceful, so we have to defend truth in every which way, on every socmed platform, on every conversation with friends and families, and take it to the streets occasionally. We’ve seen now how people forget and take it for granted, and how the evil take advantage of that. What we experienced is the direct effect of ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.’ We did NOTHING. My generation FOR SURE did NOTHING. Meanwhile Marcos’ forces were deep into years of planning and invested billions of dollars. It’s almost laughable now to think how only 8(?) months of volunteer campaigning would have made a difference.

What’s fantastic was that it did make a difference. I had never before in my life seen house to house campaigning done so well and with so much vigor and exuberance. My own limited solo H2H experiences were amazing, and I cherish the times I met new people around our neighborhood because of that. If I could do it all over again I would and twice as hard.

And again just like I said in my previous post, there’s no reason why we should stop campaigning. Clearly without as much priority, obviously we all have lives to live, but with a quiet passion and emotion and with a long term plan. I have a plan of my own, I’ll talk about that later on. What powers me is the knowledge that so much had been done with the little time we had. What more if we use the next six years? The recent battle may have been lost but the war can still be won.

Closer to home I now have to get back to work but with a keener sense of what stress can do to me. I will indulge in what makes me happy, so that means I will write more, I will ride my bike more, heck maybe I’ll try shooting hoops again. Ok maybe let’s not take it that far, but if I wake up one day and nothing hurts, maybe.

I will make more content, I have two vlogs coming up. I’ll push that, I’ll push my merch biz, and I’ll relaunch a Free WordPress Lessons initiative I cooked up but put on hold a couple of months ago. I love tech, I love cars and motorcycles and I will finally indulge my main ‘skill’ – writing. That’s the plan for now.

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