We Know The Truth Now

In the past few months leading to the elections we saw friendships dissolve, relations stop, and arguments between teachers and students. It wasn’t just about politics. The recent months revealed people’s beliefs re sexuality ‘hindi pwede maging Presidente ang babae’, ability to twist morality ‘matagal na ang bayaran ganyan talaga ang pamamalakad sa Pilipinas!’, and perspectives that make your head spin, ‘bawal ang magnakaw, pero walang nagsabing bawal iboto ang magnanakaw!’

For many years the most important thing that was on people’s minds were celebrities hooking up, Ms Universe, K-Dramas and the NBA Playoffs. Now, finally, people are forced to talk about truly important things.

And I couldn’t be happier.

I now know why there are grumpy old men because I’ve become one. And the reason why old men become grumpy is because I’ve HAD IT. I’VE JUST HAD IT with how people are so skilled at avoiding difficult topics, at looking past twisted or missing principles and justifying indefensible arguments, then covering it up by talking instead about Steph Curry’s jumper or how a Ms. Universe candidate should walk.

I grew up with painful issues concerning my parents, all of which were nothing compared to what my sibling had to go through. As per tradition with our generation I had to put that in a box, seal it inside me and throw away the key, never to be discussed let alone faced head on (they’re both dead anyway). That is the ‘Filipino Way’. The way to deal with issues was to shop, work out, eat or otherwise distract your pain away, numbing yourself with the momentary endorphin release. Doing so has damaged me for sure, and I live with the results of making many flawed decisions around those emotions.

So seeing Lorenzo Leviste, Wanna Ver, Daniel Padilla, Jake Ejercito, the Araneta and Ledesma clans deal with their issues fills me with hope. They are doing the unspeakable, which is to stand and speak up against people they love, risking ridicule, risking becoming outcasts knowing you won’t get invited next Christmas and never being able to see your cousins’ cute baby or taste your Tita’s cooking. By speaking truth to power they have divided their families, are now outsiders and will surely be blamed for the division.

All for what? To remove a thorn in their hearts. To act against the Great Lie they were told. To expose the truth so they can finally be rid of the cancer they had been carrying.

Although that may hurt, they know it hurts even more to live knowing they have information that will allow a thief, a liar and a complicit killer to move on to power. But more than that they are removing a giant pain in their hearts, one that will allow them to breathe better, one that is worth not eating your Tita’s cooking anymore. One that will assure that your cousin’s baby’s future will be better.

We are already winners because a great majority of us are now aware of the truth.

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