Carlos Celdran – Ang Totoong ‘Lodi’.

On March 2008 I wrote how amazed I was at Carlos Celdran but I was one of those lazy people who couldn’t lift their asses long enough to join his tour. He found my blog post and answered with this:

I joined his terrific Imelda tour and met him. I met him a few more times after that once sitting beside him and exchanging small talk about music of all things, to pass the time at an event for bloggers sponsored by a telecom company. I was still writing for PDI at the time.

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S90 Update 7 – Magneto Repair

I am fascinated with the magneto, and how it allows for a self contained engine that produces electricity to power the spark plugs which then powers the magneto and back again. No matter how much tech I learn I still find that idea absolutely amazing.

As you would imagine mine being 50 years old was worn out either by wear and tear or the elements so I had to get it fixed.

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S90 Update 4 – Prepping for Sandblast

Lots of things have happened since my last post ten days ago. Five days ago I picked up the seat and brought it to a upholster who removed the foam and showed me this.


Clearly it’s a mess. I’ve decided I need to compare it to a TMX seat and see if I can use that instead. I just need that hook thing at the top and those two bolts to the rear that connects to the frame.

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S90 Update 3 – Paint and Style Options

Since the last update I’ve sold the Black EX3 to Doc Erwin for 26k + an old S90 engine he bought recently. There’s a lot of feels about my selling that bike but I won’t get into that now, I might write about that when he picks it up this week. I picked up the donor engine and brought it my mechanic Feds. A few days ago he opened up the engine and sent me pics and here they are.

The welding part apparently came off but he said that the welding is at a spot where it’s supposed to keep the main bearing in place. So if you put a bearing there it will just fall off since nothing will stop it. This is bad but he’s not yet sure it might be able to get fixed.

Now here are the pics of the donor engine.

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