Marawi Siege – Stories From The Front Lines

I read this book over the holidays, and its hard to limit my thoughts about it to a few words. It is an important book every Filipino should read or at least know about some of the stories in it. Such as the highly respected Muslim leader who refused to leave Marawi even as both sides pleaded with him because he was hiding Christians in his house, who would have been beheaded had they been found. The similarities to powerful German families hiding Jews in other books I’ve read are too familiar.

Thoughts On Steve Jobs A Quarter Through

I’ve been reading Steve Jobs the past week, and am somewhere in the part where he had just closed down the parts of Apple that was working on the Apple II and Lisa in favor of the Macintosh department which he was heading. While he was co-founder of Apple he was not its President, but he was able to do so because of the great success he had with the Mac and the ensuing privileges it allowed.¬†Anyway, he either fired off or retained staff from the other groups unceremoniously, branding them as losers to his Mac team’s winners in a very public way. When asked why he would do such a thing especially since they were all still Apple employees and some certainly didn’t deserve it, he explained that Type A people (his Macintosh team) liked being with other Type A people, and he had to get rid of the Type Bs and Cs ie., everyone else he felt not worthy of working with him.

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Book Review: The Age Of Miracles

The Age Of Miracles is a story as told by Julia, a teenage girl living in California during a time when the Earth is mysteriously slowing to a halt. The ‘slowing’ as its called is explained as it were via accounts from news reports mentioned thru the book, but there is no definitive explanation why. It happens very gradually however, allowing Julia’s story to unfold through several years.

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