Blog Updated, Update On Other Stuff, and Reminiscing My boss for Some Odd Reason.

Just updated to the not – completely – necessary – but – update – it – anyway latest version of WordPress, also called a ‘Maintenance Release’.

As is my habit, I will test it here for a few days before going on and updating the other sites. Which of course would be a completely useless test if I don’t write on it, so here I am. Writing. Ok, let’s do some highlights as to what’s going on, bullet point style (my favorite):

  • Super sick but ok again. – Actually I’ve been worse, but Thu to Sat last week I felt like I was in outer space from a super head cold that completely knocked me out. I’ve figured out I got it from playing Tekken on the PS2 with my sick nephew. Trading game consoles with a sick kid transferred the virus. Coupled with low energy from sleeping late all the time I was out cold for two days with difficulty of breath, constant dry cough and the worst – pain from seemingly every joint in my body. I’m completely ok now – don’t worry my legions of fans, and am actually quite raring to go.

  • It’s KE’s 2nd Bday today. Wrote a longish piece re how I felt about it, which was like a status report of how things are. Hope people get excited about KE 2.0, coming soon, but MomEx first.
  • PLUG is going to join it’s first IT event after, I dunno, half a decade? Longer maybe? I organized it, which is to say, I said yes to the organizer’s ex-deal proposal, and announced it on the mailing list. I have high hopes for PLUG, and am hoping the event will serve as a rallying point, a step towards bigger things. I have already indicated however, the limited involvement I can provide, which looks like its even more limited granted the increasing number of activities I will be undertaking for Kikay as December approaches. I imagine however, that the same is the case for most of us eager to help, and I’m convinced if we all do our little parts good things will happen. As is applicable to most anything, actually.
  • MomEx will be working on a joint project with another website plus a sponsor for a series of events, and the schedule’s gonna be tight. There’s a web project in there as well that I wanna take on because, well, I want it done right – and frankly, just sourcing it out to some webdev kid, talented or otherwise, but sans a stake into whether what we’ll do will be a success or not is most likely not gonna cut it, really. I should know, I understand that process a lot. I’m gonna be upbeat about that and see to it things’ll work out nicely for all of us.
  • There are soooo many things that are gonna happen for KE. I really dunno where to start. No, I mean, seriously. I need to get a list going and try to get a grasp of priorities. A lot of people want a piece of the site and the fact that it’s the last quarter push for 2008 means I’m being asked to send proposals and discuss this or that. I’m raring to go but really, I gotta be prepared before I even open my mouth or go to a meeting. I have to make sure we don’t miss out on anything and respond to anyone who’s shown even mild interest. The last thing I want is for the period to pass without closing down at least one or two deals and start kicking myself later for forgetting to respond to a query. I hear my ex-boss’s voice in my head when these things happen, sarcastically asking me if I tell myself I’ve ‘too much money already, thank you!’, and hence would not act on new opportunities. The man, as I said in a previous post, chases opportunities down like a ravenous wolf with its eye on a rabbit, pursuing each like its last meal. Well if there’s anything I’ve learned running my own biz, that analogy isn’t too far from the truth. Each deal may very well be your last. It’s entirely up to you to figure out if you’re eating well tonight, or hugging your pillow tight to drown out your empty stomach’s growl. That’s the way of the world and frankly, it’s the way I like it. There really isn’t two ways about it. Knowing that the world isn’t kind to lazy asses, and conversely, merits the sedulous cuts the bullcrap and puts things in the right perspective, as well as challenges me.

Hmm what else. That’s it for now I guess. Mostly I’m just glad I’m not sick anymore. This happens maybe once a year or every two years, and while it sucked I knew I’d had worse, so I pretty much just babied myself and slept it out my system.

Today was a nice day, bright and sunny, and I got a bit of work done as well. Writing about KE’s 2nd Bday helped focus me on what I needed to work on plus why I was doing what I was doing in the first place. Again, reminiscing about another old boss helps. When I told him my decision to leave to do what I do, he said, without being a downer (proper Englishman that he was), about the challenges that I faced in the highly competitive field I was going into.

To which I said, that after all that was said and done, I cannot not do it.

He looked at me and asked me to repeat what I said, and I was glad because I wanted it to be clear. I said:

I cannot NOT do it.

Of course he got it. He nodded his head vigorously, I presume to be at comprehension of what I was trying to say, and comprehension of why, regardless of challenges, that I needed to do what I do. I cannot see myself not doing it. It is just something that needs be done.

He then grunted his appreciation and shook my hand, thanked me for helping him out. Right now I feel like the way I did when I left his business, ready to work on my own.

Except this time, I’m smarter.

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  1. sneaky gabriel! :P

    i was wondering what this post was doing in my OSS feed until i got to the middle part.


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